Mateusz Grybczyński


I started my career as a designer during my university level education. I was a student of IT at Politechnika Świętokrzyska in Kielce where i chose the Computer Graphics major. In the meantime i started working at Reklama 3D. This was a local company, making banners, signs and expo stands. Here i learned the consequences of my design choices as i was responsible not just for designing but also manufacturing. One of my designs got an award at Targi Kielce Expo.

From Kielce i moved to Warsaw to work for QubicGames, a company making mostly mobile games. I helped with several of their 2D mobile games making sprite animations and some game testing. When i worked there we where in the early stages of designing and propotyping of the game CORE. This was my first contact with games industry.

I then moved to working for Mindpower. An outsorcing company with very big plans (most of which where 100% finalised). At first i learned a lot by making a ton of 3D content for various clients including Antics3D. I decided to deepen my understanding of image creation and started studying at the prestigious Polish-Japanese Institute of Technology at the Art of new media faculty. I chose animation major here.

With time i became a senior 3D artist at Mindpower and even had a team of freelancers i had to manage. At that time we where working on an 3D app for Norwegian government.  It was a project running on Unreal engine for which we built some locations such as the centre of Oslo. I was responsible for making it run smoothly in the Unreal engine as well as on the freelancers/production side of things. I`ve modeled here many buildings from source materials that often were just a single picture or some street view screenshots. For Mindpower i did quite a lot of small projects, some advertisement content, some animation. I even coded an app in Flash.

This was also a time where i did some freelancing. One of the companies that i worked for was Frontline Studios. A game development studio in Bydgoszcz. I worked on some Wii sports games where i did a couple of cute animal characters and some game levels. I also worked on one of the levels for unreleased Duke Nukem game for PSP.

While my 3D artist career was growing i put some more attention to my photography hobby. I`ve started a community of photographers called Polish Street Photography. With some help from my friends we managed to organise 4 annual editions of the biggest street photo competitions in Poland. Each year it had a finale with an exhibition and a lot of prizes.

Back at Mindpower we had some new clients and we started working on huge projects. First one was a simple 3D previz for a movie Svik. After that it was time to start something bigger. It was advanced previz for unreleased movie “Collaborators”. This was mostly done by me and (one or two other people at times). For Collaborators i`ve built some huge locations with high historical accuracy. It was an enormous part of Berlin city center, some parts of Venice, Lublin, New York and other cities around the world. I had to dig up some architectural plans and historical documents as most of the movie was happening in 1939. Unfortunetly this project was cancelled after i worked on it for several years.

At that time i decided i needed a change. I`ve known international photographers community pretty well and decided to turn one of my hobbies into career. I’ve started a small leathercraft company that makes camera straps. Now after a couple of years of making sure it works smoothly i’m ready to go back to working in 3D.