Mateusz Grybczyński | About me
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My name is Mateusz Grybczyński ( It`s close to Matthew Grip-Chin-Ski )

I live and work in Warsaw, Poland. I started photographing around 2008.

I`m a founder of, a street photography community.

All my photographs revolve around candid moments.

At first it was a way to get familiar with new places and people. With time it evolved into passion that`s not letting me to get out of my home without a camera.

My projects almost never start and end. They`re distilled from a vast amount of pictures that i take every day.

If i had to define my masters it would be Garry Winogrand with his ingenius ways of social commentary, Trent Parke with his remarkable love of light and Alex Webb for his great understanding of color.

My social profiles:
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